Welcome to Ladykate Boat Charters and Dive Charter in Pembrokeshire. The Number one BSAC Premier Centre for Diving in Wales

We are a British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) Premier Centre in West Wales, who are happy to arrange UK Diving trips. In addition Ladykate is our very own 109 Ton Charter Boat, equipped and fitted out for trips of longer duration.

Whether you wish to be Diving in Wales, around the Isles of Scilly, Southern Ireland or the Isle of Manthis can be arranged. If you wish to go further afield this can also be catered for.

We also have our own diving instructors who will go out with you before diving in Pembrokeshire. Divers who are new to diving in Wales can benefit from Cymru Diving Club, but those who have already started training with the British Sub Aqua Club may wish to develop skills and progress to the next qualification level with us. Cymru Diving Club has a number of qualified diving instructors who will do their best to help.. Please contact Chris for more information on this

The number of divers being trained at any one time have to be limited in relation to the availability of instructors and club equipment. Please understand that the instructors all give their time voluntarily. It is imperative that anyone wishing to take further training is fully aware of the commitment that will be necessary in respect of time and effort .

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